If you’ve followed the internet in the last few years, you might have come across RED otherwise known as the homeless beatboxer. He came to prominence when the Fader amongst other websites posted a video of him singing in a parking lot. A performance that has since been  released on Stones Throw Records with a Dam funk remix . Reds’ style consists of him thumping his chest for a harrowing base, clicking his fingers for a cracking snare and contorting his vocoder sounding voice even though his raspy tones are equally impressive. His sensation also resonated across the pond which led to Grime legend JME getting all excited and remixing my the same song.


What has happened since has become internet folklore and not hugely documented, Red seemingly got involved with a the HVW8 galleries  Tyler Gibney and Addison Liu who tried to help guide him towards studio time and making material which equated to the Stones Throw release. However he violated his parole and was incarcerated. Sadly his history has been  fraught with stories of disappearance and drug problems,  a reality that befalls many great characters.

However, and a big however that is, in the last few months something has been happening over on the west coast, it seems Cody Folkes a young aspiring manager has taken Red under his wing. Given him renewed confidence and is now releasing videos of the internet sensation performing new material in the hope of crowd funding an album for him. Added to that it looks increasingly like Red may be cleaning up his act, looking healthier in the process. He also desperately wants to collaborate with Tyrese, Usher and any other R&B singer who needs some real shit.

We all live in hope that Red gets the shot he deserves and whilst we don’t want him to relapse we hope that the outpouring of love for this talent manages to keep him on the straight and narrow. If they don’t make the money required for an album we still hope they can release something noteworthy. Please support to Reds fund if you’re that way inclined, I donated 20 quid, not a lot I know but every little helps.

Follow RED’s progress on Facebook ->> https://www.facebook.com/RedWithoutMachine?fref=ts

DONATE TO HIS ALBUM FUND HERE ->> http://www.gofundme.com/FundRedsAlbum