Donald Crunk, the London based filmmaker, visual artist and writer, is the brains behind online treasure trove Pretty Real. That jagged logo. A sanctuary for days when don’t wanna do any work. A destination to bully myself and wish my writing was better. A safe house for stuff that you probably wouldn’t get away with on the majority of strait laced online ‘creative hubs’ with rigid editorial guidelines. Pretty Real was like the pretty bitch from school but she wore Broschino instead of FCUK logo tees. It even had a revolutionary e-commerce experience, the poop-up store. Yeah I miss that site.

Lo and behold, I saw the ‘soon come’ signal on the URL and then I heard from the big man DC himself. Just like football (but not shit and boring), Pretty Real is coming home…

And to moisten your appetite, Donald presents you with ‘Black Girls Love Bieber’, a foray into the world of female obsession.

Whats the inspo for black girls heart Bieber?

It’s a discussion piece: who do you worship? Who are your idols? What births and governs our obsessions? It’s also the first of a trilogy of stories about women and obsession.

Tell us more about the Pretty Real relaunch – what can we expect?

Blogs in 3D with a free toy in every post. The site relaunches on March 15th, Mother’s Day – mostly because I’m a mummy’s boy.

Whats your idea of a dream lover?

Someone who touches my heart, soul, mind and penis with equal levels of intensity.

If you could do a collage of loads of different celebrity bits n pieces to make a human what would you use?

I’d throw Blac Chyna, Kim K, Amber Rose and few 100 year old philosophers into a juicer and turn it on with the lid off.

You’re on death row – whats your crime and whats your last meal?

Crime: breaking hearts and being precious about my art. Last meal: anything involving eggs, chicken and strong coffee.

P Diddy faxes you an invite to one of his infamous white dress code parties. What are you wearing?

Probably all black, definitely some sunglasses.

s/o dawn in welcome to the dollshouse everytime

Yes! One of the greatest movies of all time. Very inspiring, I just finished reading the screenplay.

Check the Pretty Real chart.
Watch out for Pretty Real launching March 15th.