BRTSH KNIGHTS are three guys who, in their own words ‘spend too much time in clubs and have a shared appreciation for RnB, and the finer things in life’. Sounds like heavens missing some angels.

Ahead of the Future Relic EP release on March 30th, the trio drop ‘Outta Your Mind / Stuck On U’ with a video directed by Cieron Magat, playing out dysfunctional relationships (gesture heavy arguments in a car park) up against grandeur moments on a lavish chaise lounge (McFlurry feeder). The lead track Outta Your Mind flows around arabesque keys with snappy percussion bumping and grinding up against heartfelt lyrics, reminiscent of 80s boogie. Think Suzanne Ciani meets Cherelle and Scarface on a shady South London backstreet…

Stuck On U is that obsession anthem…a warmer for spring and a summer romancin’ where every night feels like a Saturday night.

We caught up with the boys for a casual chat about whats occurring in 2015, scampi fries as an entree and…the apocalypse.

If you could all emulate a boy band of days gone by, which would you choose?
2 parts East17, 2 parts Sa-Ra Creative Partners, 1 part Wu-Tang, sprinkle of Jodeci..

What other artists inspire you musically?
J: off the top of the dome: Parliament, Fela Kuti, Curtis Mayfield, The Neptunes, Soul II Soul, Portishead, El-B, Wiley, Ron Hardy, Lee Scratch Perry, Ryuichi Sakamoto… anyone dope who’s creative goals are to innovate and make emotionally potent music..
T: Jon B, vintage Timbaland, Musiq Soulchild, DMZ, Jon E Cash..
S: Darkchild, Production-wise.. His drum sequencing & vision for pop/RnB production is unlike any other

What are your biggest non musical inspirations / influences?
T: Coffee & Kush, DDS crew, Ultimate Warrior, Tinker Hatfield
S: The universe/stargazing.
J: the occupants of Rye Lane, Eric Cantona, Mink Coats, Bruce Davidson, Bill Hicks, Tony Benn, Colombian cafes in Elephant and Castle, Sofia Vergara, Granada City.

If you could invent a genre to describe Brtsh Knights output, what would it be?
T: Nonre, as in non-genre. Or Rhythm n Sleaze.
J: Second Hand Lavish

Whats Sweyn’s favourite flavour of McFlurry?
Crunchie, obviously.

If the world was going to end tomorrow, what mad shit would you do on your final day / night as a living person?
S: I’d bungee jump from somewhere & ask to get put on a one way flight 2 Mars
J: Throw the biggest BBQ in the history of cooked meats, spike everyone with acid to take the edge of the bad vibes, make my peace and get ready to return to the cosmic dust.
T. Make sure the my bunker is equipped with all I need for impending post apocalyptic life

What did you have for dinner last night?
2 lightly chilled bottles of Dragon Stout, a side of Grapefruit Haze and an entrée of scampi fries.

Any famous last words?
The Future Relic EP drops on the 30th March as a free download so keep an eye on our socials for info on where to cop that…We also have an NTS show on the night of Friday 3rd April where we’ll be putting down 2 hours of influences and unheard stuff. Loads more in store this year including some collaboration and production work, a label, weird merch.. just keep em peeled and stay lavish.

Directed by Cieron Magat.

Future Relic EP coming soon.


Interview & words by esqueeezy