Trax Couture drop more of their World Series – this time championing Evil Streets who played the v. bubblin’ Trax Patrol Just Jam on Record Store Day alongside Grovestreet.

Esqueezy caught up the London born and bred duo for a chat about shit jobs shovelling human matter in Stepney and of course, the five most evil streets in London.

Roll out…

How did you start Evil Streets?

Jake: Ideas started floating around a year ago. We shared mutual interests in music from before and it came about very naturally – inspired by a lot of sounds from Memphis tape rap, club music and our London surroundings.

Whats your fave track of all time?

J: There is no fave obvious but for the sake of it probably Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa as I can listen to that whenever the weather.
C: Roy Ayers, Everyone Loves The Sunshine for me as me pops been taking me to Carnival and I’ve been hearing that tune since I was born!

Do you have any non music inspirations?

J: I just can’t function without music tbh! Couldn’t pin it down to any particular time or place.
C : Yeah sounds about right.

Have you ever had any really shit jobs?

J: Probably a low moment in my career history was cleaning human matter off of a seat as my time as a GP’s receptionist in Stepney.
C: Working in a glue factory was pretty fucked.

If you could spend a day in Hollywood and hang out with any mad celeb who would you choose and what would you do?

J: Probably getting fucked up with Robin Williams or Richard Pryor in their heyday, I’d safely say I’d have to pee meself a few times over.

C: Bunning a zoot with Samuel L Jackson or something, that would be sweet.

Whats on the horizon? Famous last words?

Both: More music, more trax, more fun.

J: Nah, nothing is the end

5 Most Evil Streets of London:

1: Beaumont Estate in Leyton RIP

2: Morning Lane just due to the fact there used to be a little self made wooden hut for a while on the end of a block that existed for many years, had a postbox and everything.

3: Standardly Old Ford Road or Roman Road or summin just for Grime music, there should definitely be blue plaques up there.

4: Priory Court used to be a right grim place in Walthamstow.

5: Dalston Lane in Labyrinth days RIP out to those that knew! (Not me unfortunately, my dad)


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