To accompany the Don’t Watch That premiere and download of his track ‘U Make Me Feel’, the brains behind our newest channel ‘Chicken Shop Date’ Amelia Dimoldenberg interviewed TryTryDieDown . Read away but take note, you might get hungry.

TryTryDieDown is 20 years old; he lives in Glasgow with his flat mate Sheldon aka Casual Look, who is currently ironing in the back of the room as we Skype. To cut a long story short we are both eating Dorito’s (TryTry also bought a salsa dip that he struggled with and then failed to open). This is mainly because I thought it would be hilarious if we were both eating the same thing, however it turns out that Dorito’s really aren’t that funny.


Why is your name so long?
I don’t even like my name that much! People always shorten it – everyone I know calls me TryTry. I just got tagged in a mix for BBC 1extra as TryTryDown, so now I have to write my name down wrong in my royalties to get a cheque.

Oh no! So the track that you’re releasing on Don’t Watch That is called You Make Me Feel – Can you finish that sentence?
The last words of the sentence are the song because you make me feel like the song.

I didn’t really get what that meant so I just said woah.
I was probably high when I wrote that.

I tend to find sentences that I would find in a classy romance movie or rom-com and then write them down in text language, like a naughty chav romance.

I momentarily began to think about what a naughty chav romance would be like, but then was quickly distracted by a Dorito.


Are you going on holiday this year?
I’m going to help my dad build a house in a rainy part of Ireland.

So fun!
Yeah, he also said he would take me to Galway so I’m planning on getting really wasted drinking Guinness.

Sheldon finished ironing and sat down on the sofa.

What’s the worst tack you’ve ever made?
Tough Guy. I think it’s the oldest song on my SoundCloud. That’s the one that got played on Radio 1 loads in 2013, so I don’t know if its because I’m sick of hearing it or because I wasn’t that good at producing at the time, I just hate it now.

How long does it take you to make a track?
Normally about 2 hours, if it takes longer than that then I will just give up on it and make a new one. Unless it’s a track that I really really dig. Normally what will happen is once I’m trying to make a track, I’ll find another sound that won’t work in that song but will sound really good in another. So then I’ll get more excited about that and move on.


We then shared a joke about his fake Nike bucket hat and black leather t-shirt, we were getting on very well.

How do you go about putting a track together? What do you start with?
I normally look for a sample first and the drums. Sometimes I try with the melody first but that normally ends up being terrible so I’ve stopped doing that.

I continued to eat my Doritos.

What do you do to unwind?
I play a lot of video games.

I used to play The Sims.

I did too – I used to terrorize them.

Take away all the ladders so your Sims dies in the pool.
This one guy made a really long hedge to the Sims door so that it took him 6 hours to walk home and when he got to the door he had to walk back to the car to go to work again. I think The Sims is the reason our generation is pretty twisted.

Then after a brief conversation about the philosophy books TryTry used to read, the Skype call came to an end and it was then that I realised – I don’t actually like Doritos.


Interview by Amelia Dimoldenberg. Check out her Don’t Watch That channel Chicken Shop Date.


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