Etta Bond, the elusive, the immersive and the down right direct has been alerting us to the fact that there was a video coming with the social media campaign for #SeenAndNeverHeard. Finally is premiered this week although some of us who were invited missed the official premiere 🙁

Still the record is a testament to self love and trusting ones commitment to it. The rhetoric is that of trying to shift the narrative from the physical to the internal whilst loving & being accepting of the eternal.

A very poignant and important message that does need to be reiterated over and over again because it seemingly gets forgotten time and again. The female body and it’s ownership in the male gaze will always be on the agenda. However it’s important once given the platform to bring this to the fore again reintroducing the generational waves of young receptive males and females that it’s important to not be governed by “social norms”.

You’re value does not decrease based on someones inability to see your worth. At whatever junction it’s refreshing to see artist focus on important universal truths. Shame they disabled the comments; would have been great to have created or continued a dialogue however silly that might seem on the internet. Regardless there was a decision to do so and that is also to be respected.

<3 Seen And Never Heard by Etta Bond x Chris Loco Director: Mike Gripz (Smith Town Studios) @MrMikeGripz Oddchild Recordings