The first of the exclusive Xbox 360 GTA IV downloadable content will be released on Tuesday of this week.

Entitled “The Lost and Damned”, 360 players will be able to take control of Johnny Klebitz (for a fee) – who the more attentive of you will remember as the shady member of biker gang “The Lost” who Niko runs into at Elizabeta’s party, (despite how casually I recount that moment – it wasn’t a real occurance).

The Lost

So what does this mean for those that only give one-fifth of a rats bottom about gaming discussion? Well, if you liked GTA IV and managed to finish it, then paying just over a tenner will get you a ton of extra stuff to do on the same disc – all you need is your Xbox 360 hooked up to an internet connection.

Niko Bellic won’t be in this, which isn’t surprising considering the “real” Niko Bellic turned out to [apparently] be an ungrateful cunt (more on that another time, maybe). The focus will be on a seperate single player game (roughly lasting 1/3 of the full original GTA IV story length) in which players will be roaming amongst the existing Liberty City as part of The Lost, and generally taking to the streets as a rather mean bunch of bikers. To go hand-in-hand with this new gameplay direction and further realize this change in narrative there will be additions such as new weapons; new bikes; new radio stations; new multiplayer modes; new random encounters; new…yeah, you get it.

Just imagine a new game in the same playground.

Also, expect to be able to ride your motorbikes whilst clubbing people with baseball bats – Road Rash style.

Out *edit* NOW.