eek-a-mouseEek-a-Mouse – without question one of the best and most unique toasters / ‘singjays’. Always turned out in the freshest and most out-there schemes and has his own trademark sound. If your unfamiliar with Eek-a-Mouse a good place to start is with what could be regarded as his most well known track (and one of my favorite records of all time), Ganja Smuggling. Its a very big record.

Some interesting facts about the mouse:

1. His real name is Ripton.

2. The first two singles he released were produced by his mathematics tutor, Mr. Dehaney.

3. The name Eek-a-Mouse was coined from a race horse he always bet on in 1979.

4. He once squeezed more than 200 shows into a one-year long tour.

Eek-a-Mouse at Sunsplash

eek-a-mouse-1And check this old flyer out – its dope.

‘Reggae for the fun of it!’