Presence. With a double-ass meaning. Gifts I bestow, with my riff and my flow, but you don’t hear me though. Think fast, catch me yo, because I throw what I know with the resonance. For your troubled ass, fiendin in winning yourself off of the back of the shelf. Jackass, crackers, bodystackers, dick-tooting niggas, masturbating your….

Livin to get older, with a chip on your shoulder, except you think you got a grip, because your hip got a holster. Ain’t no confessor, so, busta, you better just shut the fuck up. Try to listen and learn.

Check that ego. Come off it, I’m the prophet, the professor, I’ma teach you about the Worm, who eventually turned to catch wreck with the neck of a long-time oppressor. And he’s runnin from the devil, but the debt is always gaining, and if he’s worth being hurt, he’s worth bringin pain in. When the sunshine don’t work, the good Lord bring the rain in.