It’s not often you hear music thats just on an epic level, well I just fucking did and the name is SELASSE. Having obtained a couple of followers on twitter I stumbled upon him and safe to say I’ve downloaded his whole catalogue of work. My investigative skills havent quite go to the bottom of where his videos are but I guess simple social networking questions might identify the mystery. I’m late to all the instrumental induced work like his free EP “Nostalgia” which was released last year. Looking forward to hearing more from the young mind.

Here is a mix done for the worthington special over a year ago now with snippets from “Nostalgia”. As I’m a fully functioning retard who cannot figure out how to embed bandcamp.

S E L A S S E ! Nostalgia Album Snippets(The Whorington Special Mix) by TheWhorington


Kid is D.O.P.E for more current work click on the image to get his shit for free form his bandcamp site and here for his blog. If you don’t like it eat a dick!