Just got asked why I’m watching video game videos lol. I responded because this guy is an artist. Why is he an artist? well he must have invested quite bloody fucking long time to this game. I mean forgive me but I didn’t even know there was a fucking Jet in this game?? Did you? Or did you play it long enough to even find the fucking Jet with or without the cheats? Bla Bla fucking bla you did, well aren’t you fucking great!!

Well i didn’t know so boo fucking hoo.. this guy is great at flying a jet through tunnels on a video game console and recording it. Fucking art I tell ya! so much fucking art!

So humble aswell – “I honestly don`t get why this got so many views. Thanks for watching , hope you liked it. Check out my other stuff if youre bored. ALSO, HERE IS PART 2

P.s Don’t fucking show this to the taliban or they might start buying consoles and fucking up our gaming online