Lucky Boy came out not long after I got a brand spanking pair of Technics – and I think it was one of the first LPs I played on them. I ended up absolutely rinsing that vinyl. His music was like an intricate web of disco, hip-hop and house fusions that nobody else could truly pull off and has been a huge inspiration to so many musicians out there. How could you not love Mehdi?

It’s not just Mehdi’s talent for making completely unique music that will be missed. He had a phenomenal capability to throw down the most perfect DJ sets and always looked like the most happiest guy in the club. I saw him at Paradise Factory in Manchester years ago and the turn out wasn’t great but Mehdi still hung out in the crowd chatting to the folks who made it down. Absolutely none of that poser superstar DJ bullshit.

Even though he was often overshadowed by other members of the Ed Banger crew in their peak around 2006, to me he was always the greatest and catered to my taste impeccably. Along with a majority of people, I’m pretty sad I’ll never get to see him play again.

I think the fact that the internet has exploded with so many tributes and messages of respect speaks volumes about how inspirational and loved he truly was. Rest in peace dude.