DJ Manny (@Manoharveyworld) is Chicago’s most up and coming younger as a dancer, DJ and producer. Dancing since the age of 10, he was mentored by the likes of DJs Rashad and Spinn, quickly becoming an integral part of their Ghetto Teknitianz crew. At 21 years old, Mr. Kush Pack is already a veteran. He heads up his own Footwork battle clique, Taliban (TAKE OVA GANG) & the OG footwork all-star team, Red Legends (alongside the likes of the infamous Que, Agee, Light Bulb, Darreon, Poo, Steve-O, Eli & Hott). He balls up each and every opponent – burnin’ fools up in all the circles on the city’s South and West Sides, on the floor and behind the decks. Check the video out in HD 1080pix which features Manny takin’ off, high key, to a track he made with Rashad and Boylan. The track was made in NYC at the Lit City lab. Shout out to Boylan (@BoylanNate) for the sample. Boylan, for the record, is a science teacher on a Southside HS, the first white GhettoTekz producer.

FUKK THE TRIBE. OMS. Thanks for hosting the video. SHOT IN THE HEAD.