I don’t know if I have to feel offended, if I have to be shocked, if I have to keep laughing because even if they’re angry they’re are making me laugh out oud

but anyways, I have loads of stuff to say about what they trying to put in other people mind. What da F*CK are they talking about? Paying those money for P*SSY. no disrispect my friends, but that is for your child, and even if it is too much, it is still you child, and that’s the mother of your child no matter what, if you still together or not!
I am getting it in a personal way I know, but this is what I feel. They felt it from their male side. Im a woman innit? And for how much I am indipendent, and I am making my own money, instead of going out and looking for some rich ass, and I am the one who invite the guy to drink something instead of waiting for someone to buy a drink for me…….
still…..Method man….RedMan…..chill out mates!!!!

Anyways, have a look at this video, they proper make me laugh, in a good way
I still love them !!!! they still my favourites