So I saw this link a few days ago but thought it might have just been of an annoying kid shouting or something. Upon watching, it wasn’t necessarily disturbing. It was a hard watch though more so for the drugs in her face and the child on her lap. Albeit, if you are a racist your entitled to their own opinion. Not with standing the youtube comment board lit up, but what people failed to realize is that the real Britain was evident in the reactions of the people on the tram.

An elder lady told her to mind her language in fornt of the children onboard. Then further told her some home truths that immigrants do indeed do the work that a generation consider beneath them. A youth at the back had to calmed by a friend of his, ensuring he didn’t rise to this ladies outlandish taunts. And a woman with her child addressed her as being the same and in a similar vein to shut the fuck up. Truth is “white Britain” is a fallacy in the same vein brow or black Britain is a fallacy. People were sold a lie to be rich and famous and those we weren’t ever part of the plan are not suffering and looking to point fingers.

In reality immigrants and the real working class saw the benefit in honest hard work and benefited from it, in the same way EU nationals are doing now. I am definitely not defending this woman’s actions but we ignore her and the child on her lap at our peril because a huge number of people feel exactly the same way. Cue the EDF and the BNP as case examples. Always being a firm believer that addressing controversial subject matter is best through dialogue. Rather than vilify these communities something should be done to win these people back from the doctrine that they form some part of super race which is being made extinct.

More importantly a lack of history is evident because the “Great” put in front of Britain would never have been achieve without a chain of events. Slavery, colonialism and independence. All these attributed to the colours of the faces I see everyday. This is constant reminder that our differences and unity within that make us a special, tolerant people and a culture blessed with depth. Truth is over the millennia this tiny great island was laid siege to by scandinavians and pretty much anyone with a boat, a beard and a willful attitude to bludgeoning natives to death.

For all the emotive sentiment this video creates it shows there is still a long way to go outside the smokey haze of big cities and discontent pockets within. The right reaction though is always to speak up for what you believe. A real travesty is if no one said anything on that tram or no one challenged her. She may have been gurning her little racist face off but I know masses of people who do that as a favourite pass time.