Gotta take my hat off to Ashcatchem, who is gonna be on Just Jam this week. He has continually spammed us over the last few weeks with new visuals for old and new material. I was hoping homie would let up and give us all a fucking break for the cold festive period. However just like Chinas’ quiet rise to prominence he has once again caught us off guard with a new mixtape entitled Baileys & Blunts. This dropped just a couple of hours ago and is sure to fill our inboxes with yet more work from the young west London native.

Here at don’t watch that we believe in UK talent and we try to promote those who we feel deserve promotion. Sometimes we’ll get it wrong, sometimes will ignore you. That in itself should only serve to motive people to create even better material. Stouts and silver was for me at least a funny introduction to the inner workings of this 6 foot plus ink splattered canvas. I’m looking forward to his set at Just Jam and I hope this mixtape elevates him to the next level. Furthermore it’s our collective hope as his titles suggests that he brings some b&b for the mandem.

Download mixtape here

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