Lo and behold, the second (and eagerly awaited) installment in Mumdance’s Different Circles podcast…this one slinking up all deep and moody, creeping into grime territory and then gradually speeding up to end on jungle tip. You got me hook, line and sinker!

The cassette inlay artwork is 101% mind blowing. Quaint lagoon with thatch cottage….AND A DOLPHIN HAVING SEX WITH A WOMEN WHILST LEVITATING. That’s the kind of wild shit grandparents covered in tattoos will have on their walls in 2040…legit!

Different Circles – Level Two by mumdance

Logos – Cloudbursting
Rihanna – Cockiness (Instrumental)
Roy Apron – The Effect
Palace – Armageddon
Mumdance – ?????
Guy Andrews – Darj
Das Glow – The Key
Spam Chop – Cuckup
Luckybeard – Bona Li
Roma – Remember Me
Blind Prophet – Skeleton Key (Unknown Remix)
Dizzee Rascal – Give U More
Trim – DAT
???? feat. ???? – ????
Slick Shoota – Love You You You
Mumdance & LV – Steak Night
Remarc & Lewi – Ricky
Scorpio – Li Li
Splash – Babylon
Ramos & Supreme – The Journey Pt 1