Pigalle Paris has set up the ‘AMATEUR BASKETBALL’ project. The aim of which is to support basketball teams having a strong sporting and social background.

For their first initiative Pigalle Paris has chosen their local team Goutte d’Or Basket Ball, from nearby Barbès, to remake their outfits. This team which hasn’t stopped moving up in the rankings now has first class sports equipment as well as a well defined graphic identity.

Stephane Ashpool ( Pain O chokolat / Pigalle ) who initiated the project, has collaborated with the Dutch film maker Paul Geusbroek ( Cake Film ) on a video made in Barbès which documents the unique energy of this multiracial neighbourhood.

For the initial project Pigalle Paris has been powered by Nike Stadium Paris and Nike Bowery New York.

Director – Paul Geusebroek
Cinematography – Menno Mans
Producer – Marc Madeleyn / CAKEfilm
Music & Sound design – Niels den Otter / Audentity
Editor – Rigel Kilston
Grading – Joppo / De Grot
Creative Consultant – Stephane Ashpool