Just seen heard this guy a few minutes ago whilst listening to the STAYHATIN podcast and had to find him on youtube. His name is Alpoko Don and he is from Greenville, South Carolina. Needless to say he had a pretty big following. His style ins’t totally unheard of, we all had Red the beatboxer a few years ack who was homeless and went AWOL. So it wouldn’t surprise you to hear Alpoko makes his beats with his fists and a pen. Banging on tables, chairs, railings and everything else.

Would love to get him on an episode of beat this. It also kind of goes to show that less is a hell of a lot more emotive that over production which most people think is necessary in this day and age. He is very rough around the edges and has something very Seasick Steve about him. Less train hopping across and more southern porche storytelling like.

You can get his EP HERE