The real issue here is not that Paxman gets dominated, the real topic of interest here is Russell brand has captured the sentiment of every young Brit who cares for the UK and wants to see it as a state that goes back to progressive socialism.

Stop fucking us over and calling it pudding. It’s not fucking pudding! We’re not idiots and that is why we don’t vote. There is another way, those in power are so busy lining their pockets that they don’t want us to see it, so they turn on the christmas lights to change the subject.

Capitalism as a political system is fundamentally flawed and broken. Give back what you took, which is the Royal Mail, the NHS, the energy companies, the transportation networks and all indigenous industries. We want it all back, stop pointing fingers at each other and foreigners and reform a broken system.

On the power of Russell Brands last 2 interviews I would vote for him!