D.M.T Vol 37 Mixed by RIZ LA TEEF by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Introducing RIZ LA TEEF…

stepping up to the Don’t Mix That series, the vinyl and acetate connoisseur comes correct with a blend of all your favourite grime instrumentals, vocals and club joints for a summer ready soundtrack perfect for some hyperreal sexy time.

brb just having a bath in Alize.

Esqueezy caught up with the man himself to chat shit jobs, cutting dubs and dreams of creating dance destroyer with King Tubby…

A little bit about you?

I’m from South LDN and been DJing for bout 7 years now. Hopefully should start producing soon if I can get my head round Logic….

Average day in the life of Riz La Teef?


Heard you cut a lot of dubplates so tell us a little more about that…

I have been cutting a lot recently, it began couple years ago when I started to get quite ‘serious’ bout DJing. Cutting dubs has always been something I’ve wanted to do and now luckily I have the opportunity as people are sending me some real quality unreleased stuff that I think belongs on acetate.

Plus I do love the way dub plates sound.

How would you describe your personal sound and how did you get into grime and garage?

I’d say my personal sound is smooth harmonic mixing with a lot of ‘signature’ blends. Man that sounded bit pretentious haha. I like to play variety of tunes/styles as well, mixing the old with the new and trying to play some more slept on tunes from back in the day.

I got into grime/garage when I first went to uni and got a taste for bass heavy music – then just got deeper and deeper into it.

Do you have any weird jobs or interests beyond music?

Ah man I wish music/DJing was my full time job! Haven’t really had any weird jobs yet, I mainly do office temp work which just tends to be incredibly dull. For example – I recently spent two weeks in a makeshift office (aka shed) in the back of someone’s garden entering details from business cards into Excel. Gotta make that dubplate money somehow I suppose…

In terms of other interests I did Film & Television studies at university, so I’m pretty into film too and currently trying to get a job in that area.

If you could produce a track with ANY producer in the world (dead or living) who would it be and what would you make?

I’d have to say probably King Tubby, as I’ve always wanted to make reggae/dub. We would make a fuck off dubplate special to crash any dance. Then we would cut the tune as soon as we’d finished it.

Something people probably dont know about you?

I’m a black belt in Aikido.

Finally….what was the last thing you ate?

Bacon sandwich mate!


…with thanks to Priscillia Amey for the hook up.