Don’t Mix That Vol 43: Jackie Dagger by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Boris aka Jackie Dagger hails from Belgrade, Serbia and reps the Mystic Stylez and Teklife fam. We’ve been wanting to get a Don’t Mix That out of him for ages…and here it is. You ain’t gonna keep your feet still.


Where the name ‘Jackie Dagger’ come from?

That’s one stupid story. I just wanted to change my Facebook name a long time ago and I used some pirate name emulator. I got knife jackie. I couldn’t change it to that so I wrote Jackie Dagger!

Whats the music scene like in Belgrade? Is footwork popular?

The music scene in Belgrade is pretty good I think. There is a lot of bands, producers n ALLOTA DJs. Nowadays techno is popular (again), but you have a bunch of different parties too. I can say that footwork is popular in Belgrade, especially TEKLIFE stuff. We are repping really hard 😀

How did you get involved with the Teklife crew?

It started when Fatima Al Qadiri was our guest at SHARE conference. She liked that we played footwork since it wasn’t as widespread in Europe at the time. She told Rashad and JCush that there’s a crew Belgrade repping Teklife real hard…then we talked a lot about music, and they starting sending us trax.

After a few months we booked Rash n Spinn in Belgrade, playing togheter, partying …They stayed for 3 days, and ye .. the rest is history. It was an instant brother thing!

Youre also in the Mystic Stylez crew – tell us more about this?

We started MS 3 years ago…I was djing a lot with Feloneezy then we just decided it to make it into a crew with two of our other friends Thinker n Kettle Lakes. After a few parties we had on boat 20/44 we added some other friends of ours into the crew. MS its not just a DJ or producer crew, we try to get every single person who comes to our party to feel like home, to feel like they are part of that same thing that we are doing. MS is one big family if you ask me.

How would you describe your sound?

Its something between house, grime n footwork. When I play I DJ like that, as you can hear in this mix.

If you could transport to another musical era which would you choose?

Hmm probably late 80s, early 90s in Chicago or Detroit…I love what those guys were DJign and making in that time..That ghetto stuff with electro shit. I love ghetto house, miami bass.. strickly rythm with some bad ass vocals!

If you were on death row what would you choose for your last meal? And what was your crime?

Some good double burger with extra cheeseee and two cans of Coke! Maybe for killing some boring ass mc for destroying my DJ set…lol.

Any famous last words?
Teklife till tha next life!