DON’T MIX THAT VOL 46: PANES by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Dulcet duo PANES come through with a Don’t Mix That, expertly compiled by the masculine half of Panes and the first ever contributor to the series, Shaun Savage.

Ruff ride of grime, RnB, club and edits…this ones a stomper.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
My name’s Shaun Savage and I’m in a band called Panes with my mate Tyson. We make music about being heart-broken, smoking fags and walking home pissed. I run a studio called Flesh & Bone in Hackney and record other peoples music (Petite Noir, Fryars, 2:54, Slow Club).

What have you been doing since you did the debut DMT mix?
Yeah a fair amount, feels like ages ago. We released our first EP, played a few festivals over the summer like Latitude and Field Day and just been writing a load of new stuff and sorting our next release. DJ-ing out a bit and watching lots of football. The usual stuff.

Any inspirations behind this mix?
It’s half-an-hour of cuts to put your clothes on, make yourself smell nice and do your hair to. It’s basically a hype mix aimed at the post-shower pre-rave intersection with lots of nods to stuff both Tys and I are broadly into; grime, garage, ghetto house, techno, RnB, rap etc all get a look in. I don’t think I’d DJ anything this busy out, as personally I prefer zoning out to techno records that take about a fortnight to get going. But yeah, I’m pretty happy with it.

Whats your idea of music heaven? Whose chilling in the green room?
Outside, warm night in a continental city, good sound-system, all my friends, Ron Trent, Audion, EZ and Erol with the Just Jam family on the visuals. No green room. One love.

If money was no object, what would be your dream outfit?
Dane Bowers clobber from the Bom Diggy video. Head-to-toe. No fucks given.

What did you have for dinner last night?
I had jerk chicken from Finger Lickin on Clarence Road.

Whats on the horizon for Panes?
We’re dropping a video for a track called “Stills” real soon. Word to Bafic on the visuals and Eyedress and Visionist on the remix. We’re supporting Kelela and East India Youth in November and putting out new music over the next couple months. We’re on a new Channel4 music show called Four-to-the-Floor next week so my mum can tell everyone about that i guess. Bless her.

@PANESinternet / @shaunsavage_

The self titled debut EP ‘Panes‘ is out now.

Catch Panes live at Juicebox on Thursday October 2nd.

Cover artwork: Ryan Huff