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The Data Dump Generator is a sampled based tool for creating glitched out noises & rhythms which can be triggered and manipulated using the following parameters:

Cue Point: Use this to scroll through the sound bank and select the sample to be triggered. This will also be the start point for the “Data Range” when activated.
Data Range & Data Rate: Use in unison to randomly flick through the samples.

Data Range: Controls the number of samples available for random triggering.

Data Rate: Controls the speed that the samples change. Data Rate is only effective when Data Range is engaged.

With both Range & Rate at high settings sounds will change rapidly with a lot of variation. Changing the Cue Point while Range & Rate are active helps explore different zones of the sound bank, enabling you to “zoom in” and isolate specific zones by reducing/changing the Data Range.

Dump Amount / Probability: Controls how often samples are let through when triggered: At the highest setting the Data Dump will constantly produce noises when triggered, the middle setting will only produce sounds 50% of the time it’s triggered and at 0 it won’t produce any sound when triggered. (AKA Ned Rush’s probability rack)

Freq Mod: Changes the frequency of the sample by modulating its frequency with a triangle wave.

Space: Controls where in space the sound appears.

Decay: Controls the time that it takes for the sound to fade.

Pitch: Controls the pitch of the sample.

MIDI Trigger: C1

General Information:

The Data Dump Generator comes packaged in an Ableton Project, open & click PLAY to start. Adjust the above parameters to start mutating the sounds & rhythms.

Please note The Data Dump Generator is the “instrument rack .adg file” & can be saved for future use by clicking the 💾 symbol on the Data Dump Generator instrument rack. You can then access it via: User Library > Presets > Instruments > Instrument Racks > Data Dump Generator.adg

Once saved you can delete the Ableton Live Session. To return to the default settings at any time simply relaunch the Generator.

👉 http://uttu.club/