So summer is upon us and we’ve been planning to get a grip on things. Fucking up the streets and trying to maintain our sanity. One project is a little collection of tie dye tees. Not gonna jump the gun and shoot my load. I’ll give a little brief as to how they were all hand made by my homie Cat and yours truly. Met Cat after work, she is the foxy redhead at Toby Tiger, the best in all things infant and recreational, although I was a little disappointed that nothing caught my eye. We proceeded to hit the fabric shop for the dye. Picked a delightful bunch of colours for that summer look. The pound shop was also very good for buying rubber bands otherwise Rymans are generous and they do a good student discount even though I haven’t been one of those for like 2 years. We obviously read the packet on how not to dye your hands blue which I’ve only just recovered from. It literally looked liked I’d just helped a smurf give birth with no gloves on. Apply some salt, mix the dye, get the T-shirts nice and bind them in any fashion, get Cat (insert a girl of you choices name here) to do most of the work whilst you play video games and eat wheat crunchies. Anyway peep the flicks.

Just done a little shoot today woth some lovely ladies and Gurn affiliate Sam Hiscox who has a new photo blog called Partie Partie. So hopefully i’ll have something for you next week init. Big tings agwan.

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