This year INFART FESTIVAL hosted the exhibition and night of the documentary KIDSOFGRIME created by the photographer and blogger Verena Stefanie Grotto.
KIDSOFGRIME has been the opening event of the three days Urban Arts and Music Festival in Italy. The night of the 2nd of September 2011 saw the opening of the doors of the Ezzelini’s Castle where 9 pictures (71inch x 51inch) of the infamous documentary about the GRIME scene were showcased.
Mc pioneer, Jammer, from the collective ‘Boy Better Know’ was the ambassador of the genre in the ‘Bel Paese’, his PA showing to the Italian crowd what Grime is about with the crowd going crazy during his performance of some of the greatest hits made in the history of this amazing sound.

Check out the footage of the Exhibition/Jammer here:

“The success of the introduction of this new culture and music has been great. People of every age accursed to assist to this big event in Italy, and showed their interest in the Grime culture” – Verena Stefanie Grotto