Following a brief hiatus we are returning to Rhythm Factory to start 2012 on the right foot. We have some big plans for the coming year so hopefully this will only be the start. As ever taking the lineup down a different musical path, we have brought together a collection of our favourite producers and DJs who we believe you will be hearing a lot more from this year.

Randomer [Numbers]
Blackwax [Tube10]
Pedestrian [Push & Run]
Palace [Unknown to the Unknown]
Get Some

LIMINAL SOUNDS – without a doubt where I would be this Saturday night if I didn’t live in Bat Country.

Check out the feature packed Liminal Sounds WEBSITE for further information on the line-up; including interviews with PEDESTRIAN and UNKNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN’S‘s very own PALACE, not to mention wholly appetizing music clips to get you hook, line and sinker. You’ll thank them for it on Sunday morning.

Also be sure to take advantage of Liminal Sounds unique concept whilst you’re at it; the ingenious idea of releasing a free EP of music featuring the billed artists remixing each others work. LS001 accompanied the June party and features a Drop/Dead remix of Throwing Snow’s “Cronos” and the Elsewhere remix of “When You” by Drop/Dead. LS002 was the steak to September’s frites and featured both the Venice Calypso and Elsewhere remixes of “Sodium” by Visionist. LS003 will follow the January installment of Liminal Sounds which I’m patiently waiting for after hearing these two! Everybody loves a freebie, so get tucked in and chow on down.

I’m telling you now, the price is definitely right (£3 ADV OR £5 ON THE DOOR) for a cash strapped January so if I was you I’d get my arse down to Rhythm Factory this Saturday, no questions asked.