Don’t Mix That series continues – up we have a musical tastemaker LEGEND! > Belgium’s finest, LeFto.

“Famed for his gloriously eclectic dj sets, he switches effortlessly between hip hop, funk breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass, south-american influences, bruk riddims and some wild african rhythms”

This is ain’t for the faint hearted!

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I sat down wit the home boy and asked him a couple of questions – you should already know by now that i have the tendency to ask the most random/weird questions – just cos i feel like it and it’s get’s boring seeing the same music interview questions over & over again.

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What does LeFto actually stand for? Or are we gonna have to Wikipedia it?

> LeFtO stands for “early bird” and in french they say that the world is to those who wake up early…

How do you act when people ask you for requests?

> Depends on what the request is but usually the request is bad, so I usually don’t have it.

Favourite dancefloor move?

> watching others move…

If you had a choice to bring back a famous artist from their grave who would it be? And don’t say Whitney!

> I think everyone who left too early left for a reason, but if I had the chance it would be my dad, he’s the most famous artist i’ve known.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

> sunny side up with olive oil, olives, bread and fresh mint tea, the moroccan way.

London or Belgium?

> Belgium of course

One song that you love to hear on a night out?

> Probably something that catches my attention, meaning something I don’t know and sounds ridiculously good.

What’s your view on Noah deciding to take two of “every” animal on earth and put on board a wooden boat?

> I think it’s an interesting challenge, but what happens when the food (for the animals) on that boat is gone?

How long does it take for a giraffe to throw up?

> Do they? And if they do, probably same time as other animals, nature does things right.

You know what a onesie is?

> I could google it but will answer in complete onesie and say no i don’t…

Who do you predict is next on the come up?

> Lianne La Havas, not that I dig her…

Linking up with Gilles Peterson – how did that come about?

> Gilles heard/saw me play a couple times, and asked me to be part of the Worldwide Festival bill in 2008, after that set they asked me as a resident. I think we have the best team, Worldwide Family, you can’t front on that.

What’s next?

> More compilations (101 Apparel cd/shirt & Universal compilation) and more tours

5 people to follow on twitter?

> @gillespeterson – @ounitsukatiger – @worldwidefest – @kon1200 – @hexmurda

Any words of “wisdom” to anybody out there reading this or in general?

> Try to discover the hidden talent (we all have one or more) in you by taking some time for yourself.

Where can people hit you up on!


It was a pleasure and an honour to interview one of the people i look up to. And fuck me this guy is so efficient. Fucking inspiration!