DON’T MIX THAT VOL 49: MUNGO by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Mungo comes through with a selection thats more Saturday night fly than Whigfield.

Bet half of you aren’t even old enough for that reference…ygm.

Tell us more about Mungo…
I play ModeFM every first Thursday of the month. XOYO some Tuesdays. I’m currently studying Illustration at Brighton and when I’m not doing either of these things I do odd graphic design / illustration work, recent projects were for Big People Music, Grimezone and Mute so look out for them… if you want. I’m 20, I play club tracks and I’m really boring in interviews.

What got you into music?
There are about 7 mixes that I keep coming back to over the years because I enjoy them so much, I want to make a mix that someone else feels that way about. Also planning to do a live-audio visual show later this year with A/V artist Greedy Goons.

If you could hang out for one evening with any musician (dead or alive) who would you choose and what would you do?
My imagination fails me on this one too but I guess I have a real-life version. Bumped into Theo Parrish in a record store in Soho and introduced myself, had a very normal conversation. He suddenly got out this big red suitcase and started trying to sell me bucket hats out of it, he was just going around London selling them, never explained why. So I guess my answer would just be that on loop for a bit.

Is there anything you can’t live without?
Jammy Dodgers.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Check Mungo:

Artwork by Ryan Huff