Spring has finally arrived and what a warm welcome it has given us…

Just in time for the 4th installment of our continuing series of Don’t Mix That – mixed by one of Dontwatchthat’s residents Joe Grime

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> Could you please explain to me & anyone else who doesn’t have the knowledge or understanding, of what, “bashment” is?

Bashment isnt really a genre, dancehall is the technically the genre or you could even umbrella it under reggae, but for me bashment is a nice way to decribe the energy!

> Any idea where the name came from by any chance?

It’s a word to describe a party, so I’m having a birthday bash = I’m having a birthday bashment!

> The heatwave are currently killing the UK dancehall at the moment. And it seems like a surge of white kids are joining the movement since hearing them playing at Outlook last year – what’s your view on this?

Most definitely, big up them because they’ve defo recaptured peoples love of dancehall, but I think UKs always loved reggae, and genres like dubstep & grime would not be here without it and I think people who like them genres can see same energy. Also I think that for the last 3/4 year there’s been a lot of groundwork set by a number of sounds/DJs and we are starting to see the rewards

> Just from reading your name I’d automatically associate you with grime. Do you even play grime?

No! Although I used to play UK garage before it turned to grime.

The name stems from the jamaican term Joe Grine (the dude thats creeping with your misses while your getting parred by her) my friends told me I was grimey so we changed it to Joe Grime, this was long before grime was even known as a genre.

> What do you think is next after bashment. Personally I don’t think it can get any crazier than this but something always changes.

Well daggering was pretty crazy but I think to some extent will return to a more dancehall sound of old, although I would love to see some sort of lovers rock/dub step hybrid after all lovers rock was born from dub!

> I can’t dance to bashment to save my life! I always sigh when it comes on, knowing I have to stand on the side – any tips?

Find a girl and tell to bum flick pon your dick! Nah seriously there’s some easy bashment dances, just google it! Although more time I just find a girl and hold a wine!

> Ever thought of starting a …. Bobsleigh team?
Lol no! But imagine usian bolt!

> Sex on the dancefloor?

If u can do it subtlety! I’ve seen it happen and if u been holding a wine all night who can blame em!

> What equipment do you use. I see you carrying (what I like to call) “the coffin”

I use a program called RPM Alongside a denon 4500 controller, the coffin or bashment piano came about cos I used to carry my mixer built in but after playing in Sweden and having to fly Ryan Air I had to lighten it up to get it in hand luggage! So it’s not as big no more 🙁

> Four things you HAVE to do in the summer?

1. Come MADD RAFF or bump for my birthday in may!
2. Buy a dragon stout or a red stripe and buss some moves at carnival this year.
3. Have a BBQ with a purely reggae soundtrack (the food always taste better with reggae)
4. Look out for Konshens I think it will be a big summer for him

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