You have one of those funny names. How do you pronounce it?

Yeahh, Andy just didn’t cut it for me on the obscurity front. It’s pronounced “toysee” or “toicy” or something along them lines.

Why TOYC though?

It’s actually a really long not that interesting story, so usually I’ll make up a few reasons. It’s kind of an on running thing from me being a lot younger. Have to try and find out.

I missed your set down at Parklife on the Sunday, just as you left we (Blackfoot Phoenix) we’re going as you was arriving. How’d it go? Played many festivals this year?

Parklife was amazing, one of the best sets i’ve played. The crowd were just so up for it, makes all the difference. Also I played it alongside Zulu which I always enjoy! On the festivals front i’m playing Dimensions in croatia and Standon Calling both alongside the Audio Doughnuts lot, which is always a laugh!

How would you describe your music?

The impossible question! I guess the easiest way to describe it is club music (and probably the broadest!) With how this music scene is at the moment you can get away with making anything within 100-140bpm and still put it under one umbrella. I’d like to think all my music is made to make as many people dance, hopefully that comes across/works!

How much sleep you get a day roughly?

Ooosh, I’m not great at sleeping routines. I should get more, but then I always catch up and over sleep which somehow makes me more tired!

Top tune banging on your playlist right now?

Soooooo many Checan tracks, sent me over a zip of new stuff the other week and it’s just too much!

What are the plans for this year and beyond?

I’ve got a release coming over late this summer, so i’m currently in the studio getting on with the next release, lots of big things planned!

Dontwatchthat because?

you can always watch it on youtube


    Dontwatchthat youtube videos that is