DON’T MIX THAT VOL 60 – CASUAL LOOK by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

How many music producers have moved from New Orleans to live in Glasgow on their mates sofa? Not that many. Casual Look is one of few to switch jazz and blues for Irn-Bru and lives with fellow HypeFunk member TRYTRYDIEDOWN in the worlds friendliest city (according to Rough Guides). Make way people as Casual Look brings you this week’s mix.

What’s the worst track on your mix?
Gurl, I don’t play shit tracks.

Why should Just Jam visit New Orleans?
It’s a 24 hour party with nonstop music in every genre you could think of. So much raw talent in such a surreal city, it’s unlike anywhere else on earth. Maybe don’t bring your most expensive cameras tho…

What’s your favourite club in New Orleans and why?
Republic! Bounce night is there. That’s where Diplo found Nicky Da B for Express Yourself. All kinds of bounce history have been made in that building. No one at bounce night gives a fuck about anything except having fun – the whole club is in it together. Also, I once threw up in VIP and they invited me to play their Trap night the following weekend.

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
I had a Britney Spears style tantrum when TryTry and I lived in Govan (G51 MASSIVE SHADETHROWA/DJ LIQUOR BARN). I couldn’t afford a haircut but I looked ratchet so I got moody n’ drunk one night and ended up shaving my head out my window onto the high street.

You live with TRYTRYDIEDOWN – what’s his most annoying habit?
Well he obvs keeps me up at night steady bangin’ hoes. And the amount of noise complaints we get is insane. Plus he hasn’t done the dishes in like four months!

If you could live with any other DJ currently working, who would it be and why?
I’ve been looking at one bedrooms recently… Lol no, if I wasn’t living with TryTry I’d wanna stay with M.I.A. – she’s a bad bitch with a studio (and I imagine a huge stash of weed) in her house.

Tell us about your first club night which you put on in Glasgow last month, how did it go?
Haha, for the sake of protecting future HyperFunk nights I should prob keep that on the DL. The night was amazing, Nightwave is such a sweetheart and crazy good at what she does. Rustie came along too, which was really cool. HYPERFUNK2 – JULY 18TH Can you tell us any Scottish slang?
Swedger is my fav word I’ve learned since moving to Glasgow. But “Fuck you! Yer maw wears a denim tracksuit!” is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard shouted on the street here.

Interview by Amelia Dimoldenberg (aka Chicken Shop Date)

Artwork by King Huff