DON’T MIX THAT VOL 55 – CUNTY666 by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Milano is her home and her DJ name is her old Tumblr password….introducing cunty666. You should get to know.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Hi, I’m Francesca, I’m 22 (but actually I’m 5 and a half because I’m a little mermaid born on Feb 29th) and I’m from Milan. I come from a Teutonic Techno musical background but I’ve recently shifted my attention to more peculiar Bass music sub-genres like B-More, Jersey Club, Juke, Bassline and Grimey-Club Hybrids.

I’ve spent the last two years DJing for Weird/SPG Crew as Cunty666 – my moniker comes from a random safe password created for my first Tumblr account and probably I’ll change it soon for something less teen-ish.

For this mix I’ve mostly tried to select the nicest tunes over the last months in order to record a mix as fresh as possible and leave 2014 behind. I’ve tried to have a progressive approach, starting with an heater by She’s Drunk, focusing the central part on harder tunes like Hysterics’ “HTRX9″ and Mumdance & Logos'”Move Your Body”, and ending with the wavier vibes and the deeper feels of “Harca”- my fav tune atm, can’t wait for Tom E vercetti Rmx! – , “True Love”,”Ice” and “Only Boy”.

If you could meet anybody in the history of the world dead or alive, who would it be and what would you do?
I’d like to meet Paris Hilton and make an IDM b2b DJ set with her (well, with her sound technician to be realistic). The event would take place at Sambadrome MarquÍs de Sapucai on my birthday and would be named “FESTA DIVERTENTE”.

Imagine an artist palette full of mad sounds and effects – whats on yours?
My ideal palette of sounds would be a musical rainbow made of warm soulful vocals, crazy basslines and tropical environment sound effects alongside with eerie haunted voices, dreamy melodies and sea-inspired chilled grooves.

You’re on death row – whats your crime and whats your final meal?
I’m an international saffron trafficker, I’ve turned off the Internet for one day, I’ve killed all my ex boyfriends in a “butterfly-knife throwing game” and I’m going to die banned from every social network and buried alive by tons of 3.0 USB Pendrives. My last meal consisted of 1 gal of Death Wish coffee and a Happy Meal.

You’re going to the ball – whats your dream outfit?
I’ve never been about balls at all, so I would send a remote-controlled unskinned android with my face to the party pretending to be the Queen of the Ball just covered in metal.

Your most valuable possession in the world?
My DJ workstation, which is my favourite toy but also symbolizes the place where all my creative inspirations and digging efforts are channeled to.

S/O 2 Francesco Chiamulera & Luca Giudici @ Weird by SPG for giving me the opportunity to be part of the music scene and Milanese nightlife through their project. I would especially like to thank LVN4R – a renowned italian artist – for having produced alongside with me and having taught me how to DJ, improving my approach without brainwashing me and opening a window to the world of music. And last but not least I’d like to send a “<3!" to Awindowtotheworld Cheeselake (aka Sam Guevenne) for all the work we've done together, each night spent digging alongside with me and every single musical relic shared with me. Follow on Soundcloud / Twitter