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Pierre is a young French producer and DJ, based on the southern coast of France where the sunshine always stays. Inspired by varying styles from raw house to bass music, he joined the GTA inspired Radio Los Santos crew in 2014 and is working on his first album with them. Music is his life and he keeps it ‘real’…

Our girl Priscillia caught up with REALITYCHECK…

What is RealityCheck?

It’s me! Just the combined result of two sides of my music taste: incorporating more “danceable” elements into my music, which used to be mainly abstract.

How do you consider music you make?

I’d say 50% techno and raw house, 31% exotic stuff, 18% bass music, 1% magic.

Are you a perfectionist?

I like to keep things simple and to do what comes naturally to me, and not make things over-complicated just for the sake of it. So I might be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to simplicity and balance, between a small number of key components.

You are part of the Radio Los Santos label. Tell me more about you guys?

It actually started by streaming DJ sets online, which is still going today. The label grew from there, with Mago, Nightdrugs and Raziek being the founding fathers; more recently a few young faces such as me have joined the gang. We’re based in Montpellier, in the south of France where we also have the pleasure of sharing what we love through our club nights.

We’ve got a few releases we’re really excited about coming out before the summer, and I’ll be releasing an EP on the label in a couple of weeks.

Do you think the emerging scene in France is influenced by the UK Bass music scene?

Of course there is an influence. There’s a lot going on over there; talented producers emerging daily, so many events going on every week in London that make our french mouths water!.. So it’s natural to try and get some of these guys over here when we can.
Events such as La Calypso Festival give us something to look forward to over here, every summer on the mediterranean coast it delivers very interesting artists, often from the UK.

What are your life goals?
I’d like to keep on making music, finish my studies, continue having fun at what I’m doing without worrying about long-term goals and such.

What food do you eat the most?
Well I live 50 meters from a McDonalds, so enough said… When it comes to drinks, I think i’ve found perfection in an underrated soda, Liptonic.

Nike, Versace or North Face?

Nike. Simple and timeless.

Any famous last words?

Thanks a lot for the interview. Big up Priscillia. Now I’m off to get some nuggets xoxoxo

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Interview and words by Priscillia Amey
Artwork by Ryan Huff