DON’T MIX THAT VOL 38: GROVESTREET by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Grovestreet is the yung buck of aggressive club music. He lives in Oxford and really likes tiny sunglasses and reflective gear. He would probably rob a bank for the sake of a broken bourbon biscuit but thats another story.

Get involved with his contribution to the Don’t Mix That series and watch out for this kid…

A little intro on you..

I’m Jamie and I go by the alias Grovestreet. I’ve been making tunes for about a year in a small market town outside Oxford, UK. It’s pretty deadout.

What inspired this mix?

I picked most of these tunes because they’re either dark, harsh, bass heavy or all of the above. I think this selection is a good representation of what I might play in the club. I think that Memphis hip-hop mixtape intro is a great contrast to all the ballroom to later come in the mix as well…mixing masculine as fuck hiphop with the opposite, more metro New York club scene. I love contrasting music. In my eyes a good DJ is someone who can mix many different styles together. Total Freedom is someone I definitely look up to in terms of DJing.

What was your first experince with music or what got you into this?

It’s a bit of a weird one. I’m definitely one of them internet age kids. I haven’t been around for long at all. It’s funny because if i was able to go back to who I was four years ago and listen to the kinda stuff I was making I’d be like “bruh this weird as hell”. My first introduction to finding music i actually like was through music forums, I got into math-rock and Oxford’s local band music scene around 2011 before getting into club music. It was only around 2012 that I started to listen to old grime shows, actually finding where I wanted to be in this music thing. In my early years I used to cat a new sound every week just because I couldn’t find one I was that interested in. I think I’m stuck with this club music thing at the moment if i’m honest, though I’m not complaining. This shit is sick. The internet is the one to blame for all of this. If I didn’t have broadband and far too much spare time then I’d probably still be listening to Arctic Monkeys and going out skateboarding every day.

What inspires you beyond music?
Reflective running gear and tiny sun glasses.

Lambourghini, Bugatti, Phantom or Ferrari? Which one and why?
Rari, just because I almost got hold of that 1992 Rari bootleg tee but they were sold out when I bought it 🙁
I hope they see this and hook me up…I’ve been wanting that long sleeve tee for time.

What you would wear to a P Diddy yacht party in Cannes?
Head to Toe 3M Reflective Cottweiler style jump suit covered in German whip logos.

If you were on death row, what was your crime and what is your last meal?
Robbing a bank in a Head to Toe 3M Reflective Cottweiler style jump suit covered in German whip logos.

A broken bourbon biscuit.

A day in the typical life of Grovestreet?
Because I’ve finished college now: wake up about 2pm, lie in bed scrolling through all the social media sites for about an hour, get up, shower, browse social media again, open ableton, close ableton, go out, come home, open ableton, close ableton, play video games until 6am. Rinse & repeat.