DON’T MIX THAT VOL 54: TRAXXX ROMAY by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Traxxx Romay aka Marcia Michelle is a rare lil kitty born ina Versace fish tank on Silk Road. Watch out….this instalment of Don’t Mix That might scratch you.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself – where are you from, what got you into music, whats your destiny?

Whatsup lovely people! I’m from Columbia, Missouri aka one of the nicest college towns in the middle of nowhere America, but I currently live in Kansas City. I’ve been into music since I can remember, my dad was a Reggae radio DJ on our community radio station and I kinda just learned from him for most of my young life. I think I started doing radio solo around the age of 12 and I’ve been DJing ever since. I started producing hip hop beats when I was 14, mostly so I’d have original content to rap over and take to cyphers at school, but after a while producing became my main passion. Somewhere in high school I really got into Baltimore Club and Dubstep (before brostep was a thing) and I started making a lot more dance music. I hope the love I have for creating sounds will take me around the world, I have a lot of tunes and love I want to share with people.

Have you ever had any really shit jobs before music or to support music?

I can’t lie, I’m not really good at holding down jobs, I probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s true. So pretty much any job that hasn’t paid me really well or let me work with music, (I used to work in a record store) I’ve pretty much thought was shit really. The worst was probably temping in a hospital counting surgical equipment, where they had some magical counting quota you had to meet that I was unaware of so I only had the job for four hours instead of the 20+ I’d expected. I went home and wrote a pretty good tune though afterwards I think.

Have you ever been into the deep web? What did you find?

I’ve definitely been to the deep web, I like to think of Traxxx Romay as the extension of my actual self that’s from there and is now encountering the humanoid world. Whatever you expect is there is pretty much there, I never bought anything though, it always seemed kinda sketch. Traxxx loves that outlaw stuff, I let her handle it.

If you could go back in time to another musical era when would it be, what would you do and who would you hang out with then?

Ugh, this is a hard question. Hmmm, I guess I’d go back to the late 60’s and early 70’s and engineer and arrange with Funkadellic, maybe Hendrix and Santana. I really don’t know that just sounds like it would be the most organic and fun.

Whats your favourite candy (darling)?

I generally don’t eat a lot of candy, but when I do I really live for frozen Snickers with almonds.

So many people are calling themselves a bad bitch but whats a real bad bitch to you?

A real bad bitch transcends a definition, it’s just you doing yourself to the fullest and claiming that title as something to be proud of. I personally think it needs to be coming from a based and positive place, but I don’t really like policing people foreal, plus it’s not cute to be shady in interviews 🙂

Love your artwork especially the Functionality EP….send me a weird image from google image search.

Aw thanx, shouts out to Mando Valencia for that one!

And I ended up looking for neon tuna after some pretty generic searches weren’t yielding anything particularly entertaining. I found this, I might order it to go catfishing (like literal fishing, at a lake and stuff).

Where is Traxxx Romay gonna be in 2050? What genre will you be pioneering?

In 2050 Traxxx Romay will just be generating frequencies with her thoughts, everyone will be able to pioneer their own genre, I’ll just think mine is better than all the rest haha.

Any famous last words?

I don’t really think there’s a need, because I’ll probably get uploaded to the cloud or something like that before I die barring anything unexpected. So you’ll get to hear me rant on and on ad infinitum about sea creatures and metaphysics whenever you want.

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Extra special phat booty whip pushing artwork courtesy of Ryan Huff aka DJ Sagepay.