DON’T MIX THAT VOL 45: JAWSIDE by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Oxfordshire yung gun Jawside jumps on the Don’t Mix That train for 32 minutes of hard hitting trax.

We caught up with the fella to see what’s good…

Tell us a little more about yourself…

My name is Jack and I’m based near Oxford and I’m 19. Been producing for about a year now and been on deck for a tiny bit longer. The whole Jawside thing is also getting on a year now. Production wise I’m more on the Grime side of things but definitely branching out into different genres and getting a feel for different sounds.

Where did the name Jawside come from?

Pretty lame story really. I started making bootlegs in FL and also wanted to upload some mixes so I thought if I’m going to make this a thing I need an alias. Was speaking to Grovestreet and he was like ‘yea jawside is a pretty cool name’ and it just stuck from there really. Funny looking back on some of the other suggestions though, I think ‘shindig’ was suggested after he was randomly generating words to give me ideas. These are actual suggestions from the chat log:

‘want me to generate one on my phone?
those aren’t bad actually
rubic is alright
shindig is loolz
‘loolz’ i hate that’

Tell us more about the mix….anything inspiring it, track selections

I wanted to cover wide a variety of sounds, it’s the sort of mix I would play out in a club. It’s definitely not straight grime, I deliberately shied away from filling it with Grime to show the sort of sounds I’m feeling at the moment. So the new sounds I’m listening to at the moment is really the main inspiration for this mix. Also there is a very exclusive track in this mix from me and Grovestreet, listen out for that!

Favourite track / riddim for you.

This would have to be ‘Kayy Drizz – DJ Play A Love Song’. Been looking for that tune ever since catching it on NS Boiler Room. Probably my favorite Jersey tune, huge track.

If you could go back in time and relive a musical era when would you choose?

I would most likely go back to like ’03/’04 grime times. Just for the fact that the tunes that were coming out were so dark and raw, there weren’t really any guidelines producers kept to which was why tunes were so hard hitting. The whole pirate radio culture inspires me a lot in my music, shame its not so prominent now so it would be pretty sick to relive it for sure.

Who is your favourite MC?

Well my all time favourite MC would have to be D Double E, in his prime he’s too much.

Whats your dream whip?

Hm difficult one, probably like a nice Merc, cla 220 cdi would be cool to roll around in.

What did you have for dinner last night?

You know what I was even able to catch a proper dinner last night. All I had was 4 sweet and sour chicken balls left over from one of my mates dinners.

What’s on the horizon for Jawside?

Just going to keep making tracks and banging out mixes for the people. Hopefully next thing for me is to get a track released on a label. That’s definitely something I need to work for, so I guess I’m just going to keep grafting and see what happens.


Artwork: King Huff