DON’T MIX THAT VOL 42: Hipsters Don’t Dance present World Carnival 6 by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

London DJ duo and club night Hipsters Don’t Dance get us warmed for carnival with a DWT exclusive of the 6th instalment of their celebrated World Carnival mix series.

Get the Red Stripes on ice and the roti on heat.

We caught up with the duo ahead of the infamously tropical August Bank Holiday weekend to see what gets them poppin at carnival.

Don’t just stand there….dance!

Tell us more about Hipsters Don’t Dance?
We have been doing HDD for almost 5 years now. It started as a club night but we (Kazabon & Hootie Who) also DJ under that name. We play what we describe as World Carnival, basically sounds from all over the globe that give off the Carnival vibe. We also draw from our own heritages (Nigeria and Trinidad) a lot as well.

Tell us more about the carnival mix series?
It started when we were asked by Seb Mixmag to do a mix for his Tropical Waste blog back in 2011. We enjoyed doing it so much that we decided to make it a regular thing. Musically the mixes span dancehall, soca, afropop and club music. Past mixes have been described as a ‘transatlantic carnival’ which we feel is a great description.

What does carnival mean to you?
Kazabon: It’s like Christmas. I get the same kind of goosebumps that I used to get on Christmas Eve as a kid. Following the soca trucks, wandering past the sound systems and just being around people letting go and having a great time is such a good feeling. Carnival is about being Wotless.
Hootie Who: We spend too much of our time segregated and carnival is one of those times you will see everyone in one place. I also find myself doing something different every time I go which makes it even more exciting. Just let yourself go and experience pure joy. Oh and Rum. Lots of it.

Favourite Notting Hill carnival moment?
Kazabon: Djing as part of Style and Swagger at the Extra Stout Soundsystem on Portobello Road was a big moment. There is nothing quite like DJ’ing out to a sea of happy carnival skankers.
Hootie Who: My birthday has fallen on carnival days a couple of times now and that usually means more rum for me. Being around friends is great as well, but the best moment was following a soca truck last year and getting smeared with mud from the tub that was attached to the float. Soca is good for the soul.

The best riddim + vocal combo of all time?
Kazabon: This is a really tough question, the first one that is coming to mind is my favourite soca riddim Anitllies Riddim. I’d have to pick Kerwin Dubois Bacchanalist as the vocal cut, the riddim and vocal combined never fail to get me elated and excited or carnival no matter what time of year it is.
Hootie Who: As Kazabon said this is really tough, my favourite combination is Truth and Rights by Johnny Osbourne. However if i had to look at them separately it would be Superstar Riddim with Sean Paul’s Jukkin Punny as the best vocal cut on it. Sean Paul is so big that all you need is his voice to get people moving, this song in particular is him doing x-rated slackness which is a far cry from his Saturdays work.

Weirdest thing thats ever happened to you guys?
Kazabon: Ed from the Chemical Brothers staring me down on Portobello Road because he thought I was Lily Allen.
Hootie Who: People daggering me at carnival. Strangers and friends. I’m never safe.

Any amazing moments at HDD parties?
Crowd interactions is always amazing at HDD. Even from the early days in Camp, its always an amazing moment when the crowd gets together to Palance. The police tried to shut down the venue during one session and we had to turn off the music but the crowd refused to stop and continued to sing Dawn Penn’s No No No.

The best thing you’ve ever eaten?
Roti Stop doubles at Notting Hill Carnival

Any famous last words?
Fete hard or go home!

Join Hipsters Don’t Dance World Carnival carnival warm up this Saturday with Murlo, Joey B, Samrai & Platt (Swing Ting) and more…

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