DON’T MIX THAT VOL 56: TOVE AGELII by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Tove Agélii sucks at genres and wants to be free. A young Stockholm based DJ and producer – she’s she type of girl who pulls out a flame covered lighter when you ask her for a light.

She’s ready for fresh hygiene in dirty clubs.

Check the mix, get immersed in it and call us in the morning. Get Tove.

Is Tove Agélii your real name or a stage name?
It’s my real name but I only use it since I’m too picky when it comes to stage names. I’ll change it as soon as something good comes up, so be prepared…

What is the music scene like in Sweden today?
There are many talented DJs and producers with innovative thinking so it’s not too hard to link up with people with similar taste…even though it’s not really the ‘optimum’ place to live music wise. I’ve already found my family in the Stockholm based label ‘Staycore’ and I’m so excited about that. The club scene in my town is the worst, I feel like the Norwegian club scene is better since they have like the “ball em up” parties in Bergen and stuff. I’m just a kid so what do I know about the “real club scene”…I only go to underground clubs and raves.

Are you involved in the grime scene? What do you think about the expansion of this?
I have no idea what scene I’m included in and I suck at music genres. I love grime though, let it expand!!!

Who is your favourite DJ?
I would say ‘M…wrecker’, she’s based in Stockholm and makes amazing mixes. I also love Juliana Huxtable and TOTALFREEDOM.

What components make the perfect day?

sisters, fresh hygiene, free food, hugs, WIFI, good speakers.

And finally, what is your favourite drink?

Mango proviva or lychee foco.

Interview: Priscillia Amey
Artwork: King Huff aka DJ Sage Pay