ORIGINALLY POSTED VIA THE CUT 17/11/2011 written by Amelia Dimoldenberg


Nate, otherwise known as “It’s Nate” is one of the most promising London rappers I have ever had the pleasure of going on a date with. “4 wings and a coke please boss” he said, I ordered some chips (which I paid for myself) while he went to get a table – I could tell this was going to be romantic.

Your name stands for never ask take everything, does this mean you’re a thief?

I’m not a thief. No I’m not a thief; I’m not a bully, none of those things. It’s just to do with like, I know how it can be perceived yeah- but it’s just to do with achievement and stuff like taking opportunities. No stealing involved!

So, onto the chicken, 

Why did you choose this chicken shop? 

Alright, I’m out round here a lot yeah. Often what happens is I’ll be out, probably been to town – probably very drunk, very tired – so I walk down here usually I’ll be like nah I’m not gonna get any chicken and chips yeah but I always come in and get like 4 wings and it’s so bad. So yeah that’s why.

If your music was a piece of chicken what would it be? 

That’s quite funny. Um hmm what piece of the chicken would it be, rahh alright hold on, if my music was a piece of chicken it would probably be like oakham, farm assured – home reared.


No! That’s the thing it wouldn’t be organic though, a blend of some sort cause I’m like a city boy — fuck it, my music would be like, a KFC bucket.

Do you consider yourself an actual Trapstar? Or do you just like the clothes? 

I like Trapstar clothes, I’m not a Trapstar.

How big is your wardrobe? 

I don’t have a wardrobe you know, just bare suitcases – it’s not a lie! I have a wardrobe but just no clothes in it, just bare like stuff.

So all your clothes are in suitcases? 

Suitcases and hangers, yeah.

*Phone rings* “Alright bruv I beg you call me in five minutes, I’m in a chicken shop”

Do you get fan mail? 

Do I get fan mail? No fan mail – can you send me some?



Do you get fans that are male? 

Haha, I’ve had a couple brothers been like “Yo your shits ill”

What’s your next project going to be called? 

I haven’t got a name yet. But it’s gonna be some smooth shit, I’m playing with a few names right now in my head- but I can’t say.

Is it gonna be called Chicken Shop Dates?

Chicken shop stories part one, volume one and um I think you’re gonna put out something first called part one and I’ll put out chicken shop part two, no wait actually, part deux.

Who has your favourite collaboration been with? 

Hmm… um favourite so far would be city lights with Ms Merrick, a bad girl singer big up her each and every time.

I saw some of your t-shirts on your tumblr- can I get a free one? 

When they’re coming out, they’re not even out yet – I’ve only got two but you will definitely get one.

When are they coming out? 

In a year maybe, next year, maybe even this year I don’t know.

Would you get mad if I used one of your t-shirts to wipe chicken off my hands? 

I wouldn’t get vexed at all; I would use my t-shirts to wipe chicken off my hands.

Have you enjoyed this date?

It’s been amazing, hope I’ll see you again.


Could you please rate the chicken out of ten

Wow, for greasiness I’ll give it 8, goodness- well it’s not very good for you so 2 and for satisfaction I’ll give it a 6.

Will you invite me on another chicken shop date?

Yeah but we’ll go KFC next time.

Thank you very much, 

Wait, I would touch your hands yeah but I’ve got chicken on them.


Find out more about ITSNATE here: http://neverasktakeeverything.tumblr.com/