This month Arghtee gives us August’s installment of his free download pack, filled with 20 hot Club tracks that have been hand picked from Soundcloud’s ever growing library of remixes. We asked him a few questions about the pack and how he got around to making the compilation.

How did you pick the songs?
There’s no secret formula to it to be honest. I spend a lot of time on SoundCloud and talking to producers, so I try stay aware of what’s come out. Even then I still miss a lot of releases, it’s hard to catch everything.

Why did you pick the songs you did?
Songs that make it into my packs have to be of a decent enough quality. That means most of the time tracks with tags/drops won’t make it into the pack. Saying that I try and represent club music as best as possible, so sometimes I will include a track just because it’s heat and it represents the culture, even though the quality could be better. Other than that, these are the songs I have been most aware of for the last month, but not necessarily came out last month. It’s getting harder to keep a track of what comes out each month because SoundCloud keeps removing tracks on a daily basis, so there’s inevitably some dope shit that came out last month I’m not aware of.

What made you want to do these packs?
I started doing these packs back in April, but to be honest it got too hard to do monthly releases, because of the SoundCloud removals and so I gave up for a few months. I was talking to Plastician a few weeks ago about sending over some Club music, and I realised Club music is still hard to find if you don’t know anything about it. It’s also one of the things a lot of DJ’s praised me for whilst I was on tour in North America, so I realised that inadvertently I’d been pushing the culture. I got back to making the packs, and I caught up with the previous months so now we’re at 100 tracks!


Download this month’s pack.

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