DON’T MIX THAT VOL 50: DJ RUECKERT by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Classical Trax, Paradise Rhythm and b-baller extraordinaire Matt Lutz comes through for the big 5-0 in the Don’t Mix That series.

Stealthily moving thru the genres, this Classical Trax mix has the kinda energy that’ll have you doing the McNasty in your sleep….

Tell us a little more about yourself and Classical Trax?
My name is Matt aka Deejay Rueckert. I work for the government by day also work as a basketball coach. By night I run Classical Trax. I used to do some writing for publications like Mishka, Impose and Truants and currently run the free digital label, Paradise Rhythm. Classical Trax is small community of deejays/prodcuers/writers and several other awesome people. The community was first started to share my passion for club music, grime, house. techno and several genres. The crew has now expanded to over 400 members from all around the world. Also we started up as mix series, Mutations as well as releasing several comps, singles and more in the future. We aren’t label but we are something!

Is there a particular DJ or producer you are championing right now?
I cant say anyone in particular so I will give you a political answer, Everyone in classical trax, the guys running boxed and also geng and note running the great event, dwms, series in New York.

If you could meet any musician dead or alive who would it be and would what you create?
This is tough but I think it would be a song with production by Jam City, vocals from Jodeci and Robert Smith then a remix from Rod Lee and Kw Griff. I guess using all the Baltimore Club breaks??

If you could create an artist palette of noises with different bits from any/all genres would you choose?
I guess using all the Baltimore Club breaks??

Who is your hero outside of music?
My inspirations outside of music, are Ed Reed, Ron Artest, and My Uncles!

If you were on Death Row what would be your last meal – and what was your crime?
hmm …its April 1945 and I just threw a bomb into a bunker, killing Hitler, however Germany catches me and tries to have me killed…

Any famous last words?
s/o to my family, s/o to the classical trax kids, s/o to the Paradise Rhythm team/also thanks to Ryan for the artwork

Thank You Club Legend Kw Griff

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Artwork by @King_Huff