Dont Mix That – D.M.T Vol 7 Mixed by Clent


Dont Mix That – D.M.T Vol 7 Mixed by Clent by Dontwatchthat on Mixcloud

How would you describe your sound?
my sound is that i wanna mind fuck the listener i want them to feel like how did he do that

I just came to chicago for the first time & i know nothing where should i eat?
where to eat i would say taste buds on the west side they t=got the best philly cheese steaks in the world lol

Now my bellys full. where should i go dance it off?
come to any party I’m doing cause you’re gonna hear the best of all types of music hip hop r&b juke footwork and old school house

Desert island drums- if you had to take one sequncer/synth to a desert island what would it be?
if i was on a island i would have to have my mpc 4000

Name some of your musical inspirations?
my inspiration in the beginning was dj greedy dj pj dj monty cosmo dee dj deeon dj milton my inspiration now is my son dj corey

If you had a choice to bring back a artist from their grave who would it be?
who would i bring back from the dead?? michael jackson only if i could work with him

Who is your all time favourite dancer/dancers?
favorite dancer is ant brown, nicks the man, dungeon mike, hott, corley, mike shine, the tunnel, que darion, poo, wolf pac, a.g., stevo, light bulb, terror squad

What up & coming producers do you rate?
up and coming producers manny, dj earl, and dj roc

What’s next for clent?
whats next for me is exploring different styles and types of music

5 people to follow on twitter?
top five people to follow on twitter is @djclent @djclent @djclent @djclent and @djclent lmao

Top 5 all time tunes?
top 5 all time tunes is dj clent 3rd world dj cent back up off me dj clent bounce dj spinn bootydoo dj rashad juke dat

12 whos house smells of catshit?? loooool
catshit lol that came from a movie (the boys and girls guide to getting down) that i watched and that was like to dopiest part i had to make a track to respond to dj rash ad’s shoot me!!!!!!!!!!