This “live” DJ mix is designed to make your neck hurt! I’m into a lot of music but mainly Jungle, Ragga, Garage and Bass genres. I do however love jazz, soul, disco, latin, calypso and afro beat. I’m very partial to a rim shot and can never get enough bass! I must say that for me its gotta be hard & heavy but first and foremost, have soul !

I picked these tracks because it’s what i’m feeling at the moment. I wanted this mix to have energy and get you out of your seat! So there’s some new and old bits thrown in but not too old! It’s full of the beats that I would skank out to on the dancefloor, so you can bump this in your jeep or run it at your next house party or if not then it will definitely get you in the mood before you go out ravin’! I also threw in some EVM exclusives, my next single (vinyl release) “Make me feel” Feat BB James which has remixes by EL-b, Artifact and Palace and is out 7th October on Somethinksounds. Then there are a couple of tracks off my forthcoming EP ‘Naked Truth’ Out this December on Studio Rockers.