DON’T MIX THAT VOL 52: TRYTRYDIEDOWN by Don’t Watch That on Mixcloud

Introducing TryTryDieDown….a Scottish producer and DJ with the best name in the game. Sorta has a ring of me trying to talk seriously when I’m on drugs. Jitterbug.

He’s rode a broom through the witch house scene with a triangle in his name, made drum and bass, weird garage and thrown digestive biscuits into a crowd. All the things that make you a good guy….and as a fellow destroyer of Grey Goose, we had to get him on the Don’t Mix That train. All aboard for the good shit.

Tell us a little bit more about TryTryDieDown…

Hey, I’m Connor AKA TryTryDieDown, I’m 19 years old and I live in Glasgow. TryTryDieDown started as sort of an umbrella project to link together all the electronic music I was making that was sub 170BPM when I decided to stop producing drum & bass as Aeonikal back in summer 2012. I had a bunch of ideas sort of lying around, weird garage stuff and eventually I met Lockah when I moved to Aberdeen who convinced me to put my tracks up for public listening on Soundcloud, he pretty much kickstarted the whole thing.

Where did you get the name TryTryDieDown?

Swear I get asked this on a daily basis. Around the time when I was experimenting with other styles, I made a couple of REALLY bad witch house tracks under the name ▲▲◊▼. When Lockah pushed for me to get my songs out there, I was having a total mental block and couldn’t think of a name (it all happened very fast I think I was at the pub actually) so I just phonetically shortened my witch house moniker to “TryTryDieDown” as in “Triangle, Triangle, Diamond, Down”.

Ever had an amazing experiences in clubs?

Me and my roommate Casual Look throwing out chocolate digestives in to the crowd at our fairwell b2b show in Aberdeen. I drank a litre of Grey Goose during our set that night.

Tell us more about Romance Streams with Strict Face…dope mixes.

Romance Streams is a sad example of how Soundcloud copyright ruins people’s fun. We had initially set out to have a guest artist doing a romantic/sex jams mix on every Monday, but when we got around to uploading the third one (which was Grovestreet incidently) no matter how much I peppered it with beat tags, it would not upload. It sort of brought me and Jon (Strict Face) to a bit of a halt really, I’ve been trying different things to get ROM003 up ever since but it won’t budge. We might relaunch the whole thing in the future on another platform such as mixcloud, because if i’m honest we are both incredibly proud of the mixes we did for that project.

You’re hungover after playing a club…whats on your breakfast plate? 

I usually order a giant burrito from Taco Mazama with like pulled pork and other meaty shit. Those things are like the size of my whole arm.

If you could have  a dream ‘day in the life of’ yourself and do whatever the f you want…what would you do?

Fuck Emma Stone.

Which producers / DJs are you rooting for in 2015?

The whole Sea Lion Gang is going to take over the world in 2015 I swear. For those that don’t know, It’s a collective formed about a year ago including Strict Face, Grovestreet, Glot, Jawside and myself, and we’re working on something pretty hot that should be out in the first half of this year!

Any famous last words or activity on the horizon for you?

Uhhh, my debut EP is pretty much ready to come out which is rad because I’ve been waiting ages. It’s called “DIE YUNG” and it’s being released spring 2015 on WIDAD records, the new sister label of B.YRSLF Division. Apart from that, I’ve got something for the Glasgow crew to look forward to but we aren’t ready to announce that just yet 😉