ORIGINALLY POSTED VIA THE CUT 30/11/2012, written by Amelia Dimoldenberg



I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Amelia you really don’t date enough grime emcees from Birmingham”, it’s true I really don’t. I have been unable to find Mr Right in London so really there is no other place for me to look for love these days other than Birmingham. Originally I wanted to go to KFC on our date but it was too busy, so here I am with Birmingham’s finest C4 in McDonald’s. Is it a chicken shop? No, not technically, but I have now gone beyond a point of caring. Obviously I got a happy meal and C4 got 20 chicken nuggets, can he eat them all? We shall see.


Hello, my names Amelia what’s your name?

What does that mean?
C4 is an abbreviation of my first name and my birthday. Sorry what’s your name?

Amelia. So, do a lot of people go on dates to chicken shops in Birmingham?
Um not that I know of…

Do you know of anyone who takes people on dates to chicken shops?
No. It wouldn’t be considered a date really, if it was at a chicken shop.

Okay, back to our date. So if a girl (apart from me) asked you on a date you would say no?
Nah, I’d say why not, it’s cheap.

Where do people go on dates in Birmingham?
We just go to the cinema.

How strange.

What kind of music do you make?
I make mainly grime but I also make house and I sometimes sing. I mainly like to make grime.

How old were you when you started to make grime?
Well I started writing lyrics when I was about 12 and started recording when I was 15, so yeah it’s been about 6 years now.

Is your music romantic?
Haha well it can be, I mean most people think that grime is just an emcee shouting over a raw base driven beat.

But obviously it is much more than that…
Yeah it can be mellow, poetry sounding you get me.

I get you. Have you ever thought about writing a ballad?

No love songs?
Well I do have one song on my new mixtape called Baby Girl.

Who is it about? Are you seeing someone? What?
Wait, I’m annoyed.

I don’t have any barbeque sauce.

C4 and I then had a strange period of eye contact where I believe he was implying that I should go up and get him the barbeque sauce. I began to get out of my seat and head for the sauces when the romantic hero that was C4 exclaimed “NO! Don’t worry; I shall get the barbeque sauce”.

So who is this girl?
The song isn’t about anyone; it’s just inspired by a situation.

Are you looking for love right now?
Um…I’m alright.

Great. I’ve heard a lot of people say that Grime is over as a genre, what do you think about that?
Wow…funnily enough, I watched one interview which was shot in like 2008 where one artist said that grime was dead.

But now I think everyone is trying to make grime again, it’s not over – I think it’s the main genre.

What about some grime emcees going main stream, is that something which you would do if given the opportunity?
Yeah definitely, I think it’s healthy, more people can hear your music instead of being stuck in one box. I’ve watched guys like Wiley and Skepta since they were starting out, listening to them. That’s all we can do really, cause I’m from Birmingham and I couldn’t go and see their live shows or whatever. So to see them go from that to making it big, you know, it shows it can be done.

So, do you like cats?
I don’t hate them.

Do you have any groupies?
*blushes* I do actually.

Any weird ones? Do they know where you live?
Haha they don’t know where I live.

I’ve had quite a few on Twitter as well.

Nah Facebook’s dead now.

So, no chirpsing on Facebook Chat?
Nah, I can’t do that man, they’ll screen munch it.

Would you ever give up your rap career for a girl?
Well one girl said to me “it’s me or the music”…haven’t spoken to her since.

What’s your new mixtape called?

OoRite, it’s my slogan.

Oh, do you say that to girls too?
Nah, they say it to me.

What do you say back?
I don’t reply.

Playing hard to get, I do it all the time.

If your music was a piece of chicken, what would it be?
Probably the wings, cause its fly.

Sadly C4 did not manage to finish his 20 chicken nuggets, however his new mixtape OoRITE! The MixCD 2 is available to download now, http://www.oorite.com/