I figured that I would be more likely to find love in a chicken shop if I dated multiple people at the same time; therefore I have decided to steer clear of the solo artists and branch out into groups.  No, this is not desperation. This is logic. So, here I am sitting alone in  ‘Fantastic Chicken’ with a pigeon. I sat waiting for my dates with the pigeon for a while. Finally, just when the thought of dating a pigeon became a serious option, the Rascals walked through the door – all four of them.

Hello, what are your names?

KW: I’m Kay Willz.

BS: Big Shizz.

T: I’m Tempz.

M: And I’m Merkz.


All of your names end in Z, is that on purpose?



Do you like dates?

KW: I am loving this date right now.



T: Yeah, you look like you are.

BS: You look so happy right now.


Apparently the Rascals are sarcastic. Do you like chicken?



So, why are none of you eating chicken right now (apart from Big Shizz)?

T: I’m not hungry.

KW: Me neither.

M: I ate before.


I think this probably had something to do with the hygiene certificate hanging above the grills. The grade was 1 out of 10, but I did tell the boys, “at least it’s not zero.”


BS: I’m loving this chicken right now.


Good for you Big Shizz. Are you guys from London?

KW: No, we’re from America.


No you’re not.

KW: Okay, we’re from Bow.


I’ve never been to Bow.

BS: I’ll take you to a KFC there.

Thanks. You have a track called ‘First Date’ – is this what you were thinking of when you wrote that track?

BS: Yeah, the chicken, the chips.

M: The ketchup.

KW: Four man and one date.

T: It just makes sense.


That’s what I thought when I was listening to it. You used to be called Lil Rascals, when did you decided you weren’t lil anymore?

IN UNISON: When his balls dropped. *points at Big Shizz*


Fantastic. Who gets the most girls?

KW: None of us get girls.


Surprising. Do you think chicken shops should serve turkey at Christmas?

M: Why would you want to be in a chicken shop at Christmas?


Good question. Do you get more attention from girls now or when you were lil rascals?

M: Back in the day it was tense. We couldn’t go anywhere.


You couldn’t go anywhere?

M: Girls would follow me from school to my house.

T: Can I have a chip please?


What’s the most troublesome thing you have done this year?

M: Our holiday to Magaluf.

KW: But what happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf.


Thank God. Would your girlfriend have to be as much of a rascal as you?

KW: Naughty at the right times, you know what I mean.


I don’t think I want to know what you mean. What’s your best chat up line?

BS: Your eyes are like the ocean.


I thought there would be a second part to that line, but no, that was it.


Is that the best line you have?

BS: I don’t use lines. I’ll just shout girls across the road.


What’s next for the Rascals?

KW: We’ve got an album and single coming out in January so watch out for that.


What would you do if I was choking on a chicken nugget?

T: I would laugh.



How fantastic was the chicken today?

IN UNISON: Absolutely fantastic.


Are you going to ask me out on another date?

KW: I actually feel sorry for whoever takes you on a real date next.



BS: Is there Wi-Fi in this chicken shop?

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