Man like Jimi has “finally” come through with his Top 5 videos after weeks of emails, late night phone calls and a host of tweets. Really looking forward to having a little insight to the inspirations behind the enlightened brain. Stay tuned all week for some goodness, dun kno!

Video 1
Jimi Crayons’ = Showreel

“Ok so first up has to be the personal piece i’m most proud of, which is my showreel… people always say showreels dont really mean shit but I still love it. theres at least two video clips which completely come into their own once viewed with a different tune behind them… big up the weeknd”

Graffiti6 = “Stare Into The Sun”

“Second is gonna be Graffiti 6 – Stare Into The Sun, I directed it, its my second to last video I put out but the one that got the best response from my peers so i’m proud of it. im actually in graffiti 6 as a creative director and those guys have grown with me so its close to my heart. they are just about to blow so its wicked that I was there in the begining.”

The Pharcyde = Drop

“Next is The Pharcyde – Drop… this is the first video I remember watching that actually made me question what a music video was for, beyond just simply showing an artist or group of artists off in a flattering manner. I remember thinking, shit this is really clever because although their all moving backwards and its really weird they all look ultra cool because their trying something that hasn’t been done before and breaking ground. Spike Jonze is really fuckin cool for pushing boundaries I love his way of thinking. I know people did crazy vids before this but I wasn’t young then you bitter old fuddy duddy.”

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

“My next video has again shaped the way I think about videos. its Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity.
I just remember not being able to work it out, I was young (whatyagonnado!) and then almost as soon as I’d seen the vid there was a behind the scenes programme explaining how loadsa vids were made and that was one of them… they told you how it was done and I just thought ‘sick!!!!!’ Its a brilliant example of a genius idea transcending technology. The director could have made it 10 years earlier or 30 years later and there still woud’nt have been a better way to do it. big up Jonathan Glazer”

The Streets – Blinded by the lights

“My last but not least vid is The Streets – Blinded by the Lights. The song is actually one of the best I know and the video is complete genius. The obvious treatment to write up would have been to literally represent the content of the song visually. So some kind of Rave video with lazers… That video still would have probably been really good but to tweak the setting to a nawty wedding party is pure brainpower. that tiny little adjustment just works so perfectly and is just turns everything on its head. its fuckin brilliant and I watch it everyday before I leave the house?”

“heres obviously way more videos that are brilliant but these are the ones that sprang to mind so if you disagree then call my phone which I wont answer.”

Shouts to Jimi for coming through with this. Seems I have been equally laboured in my approach to getting these up, and for that I apologize. Crayon is great guys and has everything at the tips of his fingers, I for one will remain a fan and look forwards to him executing the mad ideas he has in his brain; as videos. Once again thanks bro.